Bartl und Kollegen

Bartl und Kollegen

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Legal Consultancy

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Bartl und Kollegen



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Bartl und Kollegen
Yorckstr. 9
091 30

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Communal technics

Professional communal technics – sale and service of communal technics such as grinders and chippers, uni-axial small tractors, mulch-laying machines, professional petrol lawn mowers with a travel, tractors and other communal technics.

Real estates sale

Sale of real estates of all size categories – one-room flats, 1+kitchenette, 1+1, 2+kitchenette, 2+1, 3+kitchenette, 3+1, 4+kitchenette, 4+1 and large flats. Cooperative flats or personal property flats. Accommodation anywhere in the Czech Republic from different real estate agencies or developers.

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